Monday, 28 February 2011


When I was looking at it I thought it'd be really warm but after wearing it, it's surprisingly cool to the skin, the wind just seems to blow right through it. For those of you who are curious, LS is long sleeved. Zoot has the same top available in a SS (short sleeved) version. It is a bit of a struggle to wear initially cuz its way tighter than my normal clothes. The trick to wearing Zoot's LS top is to get your wrist through the sleeves first and adjust the seam that is supposed to run along your arm to the correct position, then its just a matter of putting your head through and you're done! Just so you guys know, going by the measurements on Zoot's website. I'm a size 2 but when I went down to the outlet to try size 2 on, it wasn't tight enough. Size 1 was just nice, but size 0 was way too tight, and I ended up looking like a freaky scarecrow (couldn't get the top past my shoulders). The difference between the active and the recovery set is that the recovery set is way tighter.

It's really comfortable to wear and I'm writing this post while wearing my Zoot compression top. After exercising while wearing it I have found that its way cooler than wearing my usual tshirt. And that I could do my routine more easily as well. It's definitely not a miracle muscle suit but it did make it a lot easier. Although this isn't meant for recovery, wearing it has made my muscles feel less sore than it normally does with my usual routine. On the whole, although I don't do running or cycling, this top is definitely a worthwhile buy.

Available in Singapore at Running Lab at SGD119.40 (promotional price, originally SGD199.00).

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