Monday, 28 February 2011


A little about myself, I love food and I smoke, a combination that even I would assume would make a person really out of shape. But now with the exercises listed in the Home Workouts section, I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and smoking doesn't affect my stamina as much as it used to.

All the exercises listed in the Home Workouts section are exercises I do myself. And you'll be able to see how many I do daily from my Fitness Log. And similarly, the products I use are listed as well in the Products section.

I started working out so I could look reasonably good and feel good about myself while still maintaining the other aspects of my life. And I started this blog cuz when I was searching for fitness blogs, I noticed lots of exercise blogs out there, yet people don't post their exact routine daily, nor do they post their own photo. I wanted a blog where I could see what the guy looked like based on what he did daily and follow the workout if I wanted to look like that.

Basically, I wanted the blog to be real. Where exercises are achievable in terms of difficulty and time constraints, where diet-ing is about eating like the average person and where equipment is affordable.

I'm still experimenting with the exercises that I do and the frequency of training so do bear with me. =)

Who would this blog be beneficial to? People who are looking to lose fat, generally get in shape or to build lean muscle while losing fat. If you're into body building with big muscles, this blog probably won't work for you.

xRealisticFitness recommends you consult a doctor before you start any workout mentioned on this blog. Neither Nicholas nor anyone associated with xRealisticFitness will be held accountable, responsible or liable for any injury sustained while exercising at your gym, home or elsewhere, nor from following any lifestyle topic mentioned. 

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