Monday, 28 February 2011

Hip Lifts

How to do Hip Lifts:

• Lie flat on the ground face up with arms straight beside you palms down and feet flat on the ground and tucked close to your butt.

• Head remains on the ground throughout the exercise. Inhale.

• Exhale and raise your hips in an upwards motion till your chest, abs and thighs are in a straight line.

• Then lift your right leg off the ground and straighten it, both thighs should be at the same height. Hold for 5 seconds.

• Lower right leg so that your right foot is flat on the ground with your hips still up. Then lower your back to starting position while inhaling. That is 1 rep.

• Repeat a few reps with the right leg then start the exercise again with your left leg.

This exercise is great for the glutes. If your have difficulties doing this however then do not lift your feet off the ground. Use your arms to stabilise yourself when necessary by pressing into the ground with your palms. This exercise helps with balance to a limited extent.

Equipment I use for this exercise: Nike Yoga Mat

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