Monday, 28 February 2011

Hindu Squats

How to do Hindu Squats:

• Start by placing your feet shoulder's width apart with your toes on both feet pointing forward. Hands should be pulled in to your chest. Squat by bending from the knee but keep the back straight. As you squat, bring your arms downwards and behind you.

• As you near the bottom of your squat, begin to lift your heels off the ground, balancing on the balls of your feet while maintaining a straight posture for your back.

• Push off at the bottom of the squat with the balls of your feet while swinging your arms forward.

• Continue rising till you are back in the standing position, with your arms moving upwards as well. That is 1 rep.

• Exhale on the way down and inhale on the way up.

Hindu Squats are meant to be done continuously and smoothly, not in sets as its considered a cardiovascular exercise. To get the most gain from hindu squats I do mine with the tabata protocol. I find hindu squats to be a good overall lower body workout and plus it helps you with balance as coming up on your toes at the bottom might not be so easy when you start.

Equipment I use for this exercise: Nike Yoga Mat

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