Monday, 28 February 2011

Bicep Curls

How to do Bicep Curls:

• Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and keep your knees relaxed.

• Hold a dumbbell/barbell with an underhand grip (palms facing upwards).

• Start the exercise with your arm almost fully extended (do not lock your elbows) at thigh level in front of you.

• Bend your arm from the elbows and bring the weight upwards to shoulder level.

• Lower the weight back to starting position. That is 1 rep.

• Exhale when lifting up, inhale when bring weight downwards.

• Remember to keep good posture and lift the correct weight for your strength. Do not arch your body backwards to swing the weight up.

I like the bicep curl to work out on my biceps, I use a 10kg weight and lift it with both arms.

Equipment I use for this exercise: Nike Yoga MatSpoga Dumbbell

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