Tuesday, 1 March 2011

How do I get rid of muscle aches from exercise?

When your muscles are growing its normal to experience muscle aches, I remember the first time I did hindu squats my legs ached so badly that I had trouble going down the stairs and walking down slopes. When I woke up the next day, my legs ached even more. From experience I knew that I had to continue with my hindu squats today cuz if I stopped, it would take my legs about 5 days to recover to a point where I could exercise them again. So I continued with hindu squats and the muscle ache in my thighs and butt were reduced greatly. Always remember that when you do a new exercise that targets a group of muscles that you seldom work out, it's common to have muscle ache after that, but it's really important to continue the next day no matter how achey that muscle set feels, but do fewer reps/ sets than you did the day before. However if you feel pain it is important to stop that exercise immediately and proceed to cool down. It's also important that you not overdo yourself when trying a new exercise, you want to ease your body into the new exercise. And lastly, while your muscles might ache, you have to watch your form and complete each rep properly or you could end up stressing other muscles and joints due to improper weight distribution. Have fun and remember to be realistic about your exercises. =)

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