Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gain lean muscle mass

Before we go into "how" to build lean muscles we should first look at which groups of people have lean muscles and which have bulky muscles so we can have an understanding of what we should do to achieve lean muscle growth. When I say lean muscles which group of athletes springs to mind? Gymnasts for one have great looking lean muscles. And when I say bulky muscles, bodybuilders pops straight into my head. Very simply, if you want to have bulky muscles, do what the body builders do. And if you want lean muscles do what the gymnasts do. I don't mean you have to do what the gymnasts do exactly, but basically using body weight training is enough if you want to build lean muscles. Weights are more effective if you're into the big muscle thing. But if you want lean muscles, you don't even need weights to do it. I'm not saying that weights won't help, but they aren't necessary.

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