Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Abdominal exercises?

Abdominal exercises are important to have a strong core that will help you in your daily life, they will of course aid you in losing weight around the belly area and getting that six pack, however, don't overdo ab exercises in the hopes of losing belly fat and getting a six pack. Losing belly fat and getting a six pack are achieved by losing total body fat. Just as we can't choose where we gain weight (unfortunately), we can't choose where to lose fat. Ab exercises will help you lose fat but it's not enough on its own to achieve that, to efficiently lose fat (there's a difference with losing fat and losing weight which is covered here) you have to do exercises that incorporate large groups of muscles, yes, that means the more different types of exercises you'll lose more total body fat, which means losing belly fat as well! Overdoing abdominal workouts could lead to a large strong core which means, a large strong stomach, which would be counter productive if you're trying to get a slimmer waist. Cardiovascular workouts and strength training would help more with losing belly fat. How I see it is that cardio exercises are for the present and strength training is looking into the future. Cardio workouts cause you to lose a lot of calories during the workout. After the workout, calorie burn stops. Strength training causes you to build more muscle mass, and muscles burn more calories that fat does. So even when you're not doing much the extra muscle mass helps you burn calories. To maximise on losing fat you should do both cardio and strength training. And since according to the research done for the tabata protocol that 4 minutes of it is equivalent to 45 minutes of cardio, I would suggest doing tabata in place of cardio to save time. Do see the tabata protocol link here for more information on how to do it.

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