Saturday, 19 March 2011

Gain muscle mass

Gaining muscle mass in theory is pretty simple. You need to provide your body with a reason to build more muscle mass, simply said it means that you have to use heavier weights to tell your body,"hey, I need to lift heavier stuff so I need more muscle to do so." For example, when I first started doing 50 pushups in a day I realised that my muscles were growing bigger, but when I progressed to doing 200 pushups daily, I realised that my muscles weren't growing any bigger! Why? Because there's a big difference between muscle strength and muscle endurance. Regardless if its 10 pushups or 200 pushups, obviously my muscles have the strength to lift my body, so it doesn't increase in mass, it just increases the muscles ability to endure that weight for longer. And lets face it, although it might be a personal achievement to do loads of pushups in a day, how does that help you in your daily life? So if you're trying to gain muscle mass, you have to continuously increase the load to tell your body to give you more power (strength training). And of course, sufficient rest and nutrition is important as well. For me I give my muscles 36 to 72 hours to rest before doing strength training again. Regular pushups getting too easy for you? Checkout my home workouts section here.

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